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秋天 Fall

Fall at 北大 – PKU Week 7

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Fall has arrived at 北大and I went on a photo spree to capture the gorgeous fall atmosphere and 木漏れ日(komorebi), the amazing Japanese word for forest sunlight shining through the trees.

Fall at PKU China
Fall at PKU China


Peking University was established in 1898 and is, apart from its academic prestige, famous for its beautiful campus surroundings including the scenic Weiming lake – a.k.a. THE hotspot for special occasion photoshoots at PKU. Actually, this part of the campus grounds was partly used as an imperial garden back in the days of China’s last imperial dynasty – the Great Qing. 

This week’s odd discovery

I would like to share surprising, unexpected or odd things that I experienced in China from my mostly western-culture-influenced perspective with you.

Book section: Readings for women – interesting life advice for Chinese females?!

One of my friends went to a bookshop the other day and came across a rather odd section of self-help books for Chinese women, housewives in particular. I couldn’t help but sharing this discovery on the blog as I haven’t come across such types of life-advice books in the western hemisphere.

Readings for women
Readings for women


These books contain tips to be a ‘good’ housewife and happen to be widely popular among the Chinese population.

The rules of Chinese marriage
The rules of Chinese marriage


Happier Marriage Advice Book
Happier Marriage Advice Book


Have your heard of these books before? What are your thoughts on it? I am looking forward to reading your constructive comment.

Finally, my friend also ran into a section called “final sprint to senior high school entrance examination” – how encouraging! 

Final sprint to the GAO KAO examination!
Final sprint to the ZHONG KAO examination!


These were my odd discoveries this week, please take them with a pinch of humour as I am trying to capture my list of unexpected discoveries in China as long as my foreigner-point-of-view lasts. As time flies by and myself adjusting very quickly, I am worried the list will soon be challenging to fill with new discoveries. So stay tuned for the next episode of curious discoveries in and around Beijing!


I am looking forward to the next week at 北京大学. 

See you later ~  回头见 [huí tóu jiàn]!

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