International Recipes

Browse through culturally diverse recipes and get some inspiration for your next cooking adventure!

My new favourite knife-cut noodles, since I can’t get the chinese knife-cut noodles here in Europe easily, I decided to just try them myself. 

Definitely not the same, but just as good! :))

Oishi Kimchi Udon 泡菜面

It’s always the right time for Kimchi! Treat yourself to a maji oishi bowl of udon with toufu.

Great for a healthy and quick dinner on a productive day!

Tropical Study Bowl

Busy studying for the upcoming exams? Make sure to get your vegetable serving every day and treat yourself to a delicious tropical study bowl.

Quick & easy to prepare for lunch or dinner!

Berry Smoothie Bowl

The perfect breakfast for berry fans.

Create this delicious smoothie bowl in under five minutes and enjoy the creamy texture and nutritious ingredients of this smoothie and have a fresh start into the day!

Fresh Tofu Lime Bowl

This is my favourite summer salad bowl for a quick and refreshing dinner after school. It includes cranberries, avocados and tofu which are complemented by the refreshing taste of the lime slices!

This is my favourite chocolate banana bread. All vegan. No sugar, no flour, just delicious ingredients for a fluffy yet chewy loaf. This was definitely inspired from the best banana bread I once had on Maui, Hawaii.