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Happy Spring Festival! 农历新年快乐!CS Journal Mission

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Hi Everyone! 大家好

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy lunar new year! 农历新年快乐This is the first blogpost during the year of the Pig in the Chinese lunar calendar and hope that all readers will have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year

Forbidden City Beijing
Forbidden City Beijing


If you have followed my blog throughout the past five months that I spent here in Beijing at PKU, you might have noticed that the intervals were slightly irregular as I didn’t end up posting a language journal entry for every week at PKU. Hence, with the new year, a new change is coming to the Curious Seikatsu Blog!

The blogposts will not neccessarily be regular, but therefore longer and focused on the language learning part of my stay in China versus the travel-related content that has been part of my previous blogposts. With this change, I would like to refer back to my original idea of the Language Learning Journal, a different approach to the abundance of amazing and much more detailed travel-blogs out there. The main idea and purpose of this language learning journal is to help other fellow Chinese-learners to…

  1. …accelerate progress by learning from my personal experiences with the language

  2. …learn about (the most efficient) language learning methods for Chinese through reviews

  3. …discover new ways of approaching the Chinese language (for beginner- level and stuck-on-the-same-level-intermediary students)

  4. …spark interest for popular aspects of the Chinese (pop-)culture

  5. …read about my language learning progress specifically for PKU classes at 对外汉语学院

By navigating the focus of the CS Journal back to its roots and re-defining the Language Learning Journal mission, I am excited to start the new year with many ideas and challenges ahead!


Stay tuned for the next Journal entry coming soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to have a look at the CS Instagram to the right for the most recent experiences in and around China!

P.S. It finally snowed for the first time this winter in Beijing ~

See you next time! 下次见! [xià cì jiàn]

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  1. Emily

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Natasha!! Love following your blog! I’m interested in studying Chinese in PKU University for next year… your experience makes it sound interesting.

  2. Natasha

    Thanks so much Emily, that’s great to hear! I am planning to write more about my experience at PKU as well!

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